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On Tue, Jun 10, 2003 at 08:39:48AM -0600, Irwin Lazar wrote:
> Excuse the off-topic question, but does anyone know if there is some sort of list anywhere of service providers who are running IPv6 in a production capacity, either to tunnel IPv4 or to offer native IPv6 services?  I'm not looking for test or research networks but rather a list of IPv6 networks that are actually carrying customer traffic.

	NTT/Verio has been offering commercial IPv6 services since April 2002
I seem to recall.


	I've gotten postcards from Hurrican Electric about their
Free IPv6 service as well.  I'm sure many other people have gotten

	I seem to recall that C&W provided native IPv6 for the
Atlanta IETF.

	I'm seeing more providers looking at offering native
IPv6 services with Juniper as well as Cisco routers since they
can converge the networks using ISIS.  The OSPFv3 support is in
varying stages depending on your vendor.

	I'm seeing more and more ipv6 hits in my web server logs
as time goes on (when i put the AAAA record in place and my host
stack is working ok).  They mostly come from Europe and Asia but an
increasing amount are coming from locations within the US.

	I honestly see most of the backbone providers offering
native IPv4 and IPv6 services in the next few years.  Contact
your provider as you can probally get in on any beta service
offerings they currently have.

	- Jared

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