Ettiquette and rules regarding Hijacked ASN's or IP space?

Joe Abley jabley at
Mon Jun 9 17:04:14 UTC 2003

On Monday, Jun 9, 2003, at 12:53 Canada/Eastern, jlewis at wrote:

>> Since the RIRs contain the information required to answer those
>> questions, you'd expect them (or their data) to be involved in the
>> process of answering them.
> They really don't.  Thus far, when space is assigned, the RIRs have no 
> way
> to later authenticate that an organization using the space is the same 
> one
> that they assigned it to.

The RIRs definitely hold some of the data that would be required to 
make educated pronouncements (although clearly not all of it).

Note that I'm not talking about absolute accuracy here; as long as 
people are able to change companies, change their names, die, forge 
documentation and otherwise lie, there will always be fraud. What is 
needed is some trusted resource who can say "our best guess is that 
this is legitimate".

At the moment there is no clear procedure for any ISP to follow to even 
get a best guess as to whether an advertisement should be accepted or 

> As for the current state of BGP authentication/sanity checking, I can 
> say
> 2 of my 4 upstreams take whatever I put in the routing registry.

I have met people who think that the existence of a route in the IRR is 
somehow demonstrable evidence that a route should be accepted. I'm not 
quite sure why they think that way.


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