Full Internet ASN <--> AS Name resolution

Lucy E. Lynch llynch at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Fri Jun 6 17:02:40 UTC 2003

> >
> > http://bgp.potaroo.net/as1221/asnames.txt  ?
> the former is a list of what's allocated or not allocated, and the
> latter is a map of AS numbers to AS names.
                       ^ *some* as#

for example - the list includes:

AS237   MERIT-AS-14 Merit Network Inc.
AS690   MERIT-AS-27 Merit Network Inc.

while fixedorbit returns 27 matches for merit as numbers:


not sure where they got their data from...

" Our proprietary data collection methods are used to generate statistics
and metrics, all of which are free with registration and available via the

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