Fast TCP?

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Subject: RE: Fast TCP? Date: Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 11:41:22PM -0400 Quoting Deepak Jain (deepak at
> I am not sure why sending a single large/high speed stream today (>1Gb/s) is
> such an improvement over sending multiple today-streams of data, but I guess
> that is the difference between a get-it-done-right and a get-it-done-now
> mentality.

Because us RE network operators have customers, especially in the
astronomy field, that want to push 1gbit streams in realtime from
various radio telescopes all over Europe. Moreover, they want them
to end up in one place, ie. converge ;-) 

So, we need to come up with technolgies that can sustain multi-gbit 
(preferably) TCP streams over 50-100 mS RTT links. And, we've got the
OC192 backbones to do it, if TCP were up to it.. 

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