Metoo Was: Pesky spammers are using my mailbox

Stephen J. Wilcox steve at
Tue Jun 3 20:31:03 UTC 2003

Mine are not klez

And the email domain is not one I've ever sent to nanog, its an old private 


On Tue, 3 Jun 2003, Daniel Karrenberg wrote:

> On 03.06 13:44, Dominic J. Eidson wrote:
> > 
> > I'm having a feeling that someone harvested a bunch of adresses, possibly
> > from NANOG, and is using them as the sender address in pretend-to-be KLEZ
> > spams.. I have received several bounces lately, several of them appearing
> > to be KLEZ, all with me as the original sender ....
> Just to add another data point:
> The same thing started happening to me a few days ago.  I do not know
> any of the recipients of the bounces but some people I *do* know advised me
> they are getting them.  I cannot say whether this is really KLEZ or not,
> not enough data.  
> Daniel

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