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Wed Dec 31 19:09:09 UTC 2003

I can add, that, even if 'tracking back' do not work well, active defense
(honey pots, etc etc) works in 99% cases.
In our case (RU-CERT few years ago), main problem was time - any tracking or
honey pot acrtivities consumed tremendous time,
and resulted, in 99% cases, in revealing 2 more school students without any
clue in their brains.

But it works - set up a traps, allow to get control over a few systems and
trace actions back, generate (and than track usage) few _real_ credit card
numbers and few _real_ bank accounts - and, in time, you will have someone's
face... Technically - no any problem. (Legal issues are another story... in

Alexei Roudnev

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> > > >> when will we see the FBI, and other local police in
> > > >> the other countries send the script kiddies to the
> > > >> JAILL so we can use the internet without too much
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> > The cost of tracking down and prosecuting them, and the difficulty in
> > proving that what they are doing is against the law, is significant.
> > don't understand how to investigate and prosecute criminal network
> > behavior, and they have other crimes they DO understand that presently
> > a higher priority.  It will take a lot of money and education to the LEO
> > community before this will become a priority.
> I wanted to jump in and clarify a few things.  First of all, we DO
> understand how to investigate these kinds of crimes.  The cases may be
> more difficult because of the jurisdictional issues that arise, but we
> still work them.  Internet/Cyber crime is one of the FBI's top
> investigative priorities, and the FBI is dedicating a lot of resources and
> personnel to prosecute Cyber criminals.
> Also keep in mind that the backgrounds of FBI Special Agents are
> changing; new Agents have more technical breadth and experience than they
> did before, and are well-suited for cyber investigations.
> -Eric

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