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Richard Irving rirving at
Tue Dec 30 20:41:05 UTC 2003

Joe Abley wrote:
> On 30 Dec 2003, at 11:07, John Obi wrote:
>> when will we see the FBI, and other local police in
>> the other countries send the script kiddies to the
>> JAILL so we can use the internet without too much
>> pain?
> You're asking how long it might take for every government in every 
> single jurisdiction in the world to pass a coherent set of laws about 
> something that the average person knows nothing about, and to enforce 
> them in a compatible way?
> Here's a vague guess: take the time it would take to agree a useful set 
> of laws in just one jurisdiction, then raise it to the power of twenty.

   Worse still, as the US found (prior to law changes, post Darpa years),
  prosecuting Script Kiddies is counter productive.. you take the
  brightest most inquisitive minds of our time, and ruin their future...

   Incarceration indoctrinating them in the dark side
  of life, and the "record" preventing them from escaping it...
  thus their untapped potential is either wasted, or worse still,
  corrupted, and -then- tapped.

   Brilliant Strategy, eh ?

   So, after a little thought, We took to confiscating their gear,
  and denying them access for a year (more or less)...

   Which of course, made them crazy to -get- access,
  and after that year, you -couldn't- separate them from
  their tools of learning. Many went on to be some of
  the sharpest technicals in the field.


  Life is Counter Intuitive.

> Joe

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