Automated Network Abuse Reporting

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Mon Dec 29 16:24:16 UTC 2003

if you automate abuse reporting you can basically assume that the reciver 
will automate abuse handling. since that has in fact happened as far as i 
can tell the probably of you automated asbuse replaies ever reaching a 
human who cares or can do something about it is effecetivly zero.


On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Jason Lixfeld wrote:

> We're a small company but none the less are inundated with firewall 
> logs reporting numerous attempts to find holes in our network; c'est la 
> vie.  Seeing as how we are small, we don't have the resources to go 
> through and send emails off to the abuse departments of each network 
> sourcing the probes.  Question is:  Has there been development of some 
> sort of intelligent unix land app that can understand Cisco syslog 
> output, find the abuse departments of the sourcing networks and send 
> them off a nice little FYI?

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