Out of office/vacation messages

Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at outblaze.com
Fri Dec 26 00:50:26 UTC 2003

On 2003-12-25, Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at gitoyen.net> wrote:
> There are several other tests to perform (if you are a reasonable program,
> that is), before sending an "Out of the office" message. An obvious one is to
> see wether your human owner is mentioned in the To: field. Unless the list
> explodes the messages in one explicit copy per recipient, this is enough.

Of course, that doesn't work with a list that doesn't set reply-to the list.

A lot of followups on nanog are reply-all, cc'd to the OP and anybody else who
posted to a thread.


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