May be OT: Riverstone Configuration Issue

Tom Daly tom at
Wed Dec 24 03:07:01 UTC 2003

I'm trying to configure my Riverstone RS3000 v. to advertise a host
route with a BGP community on it.

Here is the cisco version of the command set:

redistribute static route-map static-to-bgp
route-map static-to-bgp permit 5
match tag 12345
set community additive XXX:12345
ip route Null0 tag 12345

I'm spent 4 hours or so trying different configurations, route maps, and
ip-policies on the RS, with no luck. The route is exported into BGP, but
doesn't get tagged with the community.

Suggestions off list would be appreciated.


Thomas J. Daly
tom at
Chief Infrastructure Officer
Dynamic DNS Network Services, LLC.

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