Extreme spam testing

Mike Jezierski - BOFH bofh at digitalfarmers.org
Tue Dec 23 15:50:52 UTC 2003

At 6:15 +1000 12/23/03, Matthew Sullivan wrote:
>>And don't expect a "we want to be blocked so we can discourage the 
>>use of blacklists" attitude to work anymore.  From us, at best 
>>you'd get a whitelist entry.  The spamming problem really _is_ that 
>...and I'll be a very happy man the day I shut down SORBS because 
>spam is no longer an issue.  I might get a life then.
>/ Mat

AMEN Mat !!!

These damned spammers sending out junk to foul up bayesian filtering 
is getting to be too much. Not to mention the latest tactic is to 
sneak IRCbots onto victim's PC's and voila!! Open Proxy.

As long as there is a piece of crap operating system like windblows 
out there that bots and worms can easily compromise, then netblock 
port scans and detections of proxies will be a necessary evil of the 

I for one, if one of my luser subscribers is discovered with a proxy 
or IRCbot running then I for one would like to know about it.
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