Trace and Ping with Record Option on Cisco Routers

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That's exactly it, Crist.  I did a little research and that the PIX drops
any packets with IP Options turned on.  Currently there is no workaround.
This is IP Option 7 to be exact.


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> Danny.Andaluz at wrote:
> Hey, Group.
> In my production network, I'm trying to do some extended traces and 
> pings with the record option turned on to see what route my packets 
> take going and returning.  It's not working.  If I do the extended 
> traceroute or ping without the record option, it works fine.  There is 
> a firewall (PIX) a few hops in front of the destination I'm trying to 
> record the route for.  What part of ICMP is this that needs to be 
> opened on the firewall to allow this to come back?  First time I'm 
> coming across this.

It's not ICMP. It's the IP Options. Most firewalls will drop any packet with
an IP Options. Many firewalls will not let you turn this off. I do not know
how to allow IP Options through a PIX, but I know how to do it in Cisco IOS.
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