A headsup re Verizon Wireless paging

Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr. larrysheldon at cox.net
Mon Dec 22 22:59:39 UTC 2003

"Michael R. Wayne" wrote:
> Summary:
>   If you use Verizon Wireless pagers (pagers with an @myairmail.com
>   email address) to monitor your network, your alerts may be blocked
>   without notice.


> I did get a call back as promised.  I mentioned that they were not
> filtering on address but the entire messaged and got an:
>   "Oh, I knew that" (would have been nice of him to TELL me).
> He claimed that the block would be removed either later Friday
> night, Saturday morning at the latest.  Pages were still being
> blocked Friday night and Saturday morning but a test page sent this
> morning worked OK.

Please explain the reason why you continue to use this terribly
unreliable service again.

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