A headsup re Verizon Wireless paging

Dave O'Shea daveoshea at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 22 19:15:43 UTC 2003

I'm not sure I'd fault Verizon, it's got to be a major
pain to keep the spam level down on pagers. It would
probably be useful if SMS/paging companies posted a
"this is the approved way to...." guide for customers.

I set up nagios/netsaint with a pager system, and
programmed it to send an "all is well" page twice a
day  to a couple of key people. If you have one of the
super-duper(tm) motorola pagers that skytel uses, you
can even filter those messages so they won't set off
the audible alert; they just show up in the "received"
list. I made a habit of checking the freshness of
those messages right before staff meetings and
customer calls.

--- "Michael R. Wayne" <wayne at staff.msen.com> wrote:
> Summary:
>   If you use Verizon Wireless pagers (pagers with an
> @myairmail.com
>   email address) to monitor your network, your
> alerts may be blocked
>   without notice.
> The saga:
> We use multiple paging companies for our pagers,
> under the theory
> that redundancy is a "good thing".  Last week, our
> people who carry
> pagers from Verizon Wireless realized that they were
> not getting
> pages from our Netsaint monitoring system, although
> they were
> getting other pages and people carrying pagers from
> other paging
> companies were getting Netsaint pages.

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