Extreme spam testing

Chris Brenton cbrenton at chrisbrenton.org
Mon Dec 22 17:03:26 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 11:04, Etaoin Shrdlu wrote:
> Um, welcome to the world of spam nazis.

I've seen returning MX queries and even source address validation, but
never anything this excessive up till now. IMHO its hard to tell if they
are looking for spam relays to reduce spam, or because they are looking
to generate some spam themselves. ;-)

>  I hate spammers. I loathe and
> despise them. I hate njabl even more.

Agreed. My spam is _my_ problem and fixing it should not include making
it everyone else's problem. Forget whether its legal, its pretty
inconsiderate as many environments flag this stuff as malicious so it
triggers alerts.

>  The last time I called their ISP to
> complain, I was assured that I must have done something to deserve the
> aggressive testing.

As a follow up, it also looks like they did a pretty aggressive port
scan of my system. Not sure how checking Telnet, X-Windows or RADIUS
will tell them if I'm a spammer, but what ever.

>  Well, nope, I didn't, and I don't. They just did it
> again, and by "it", I mean that they hit every machine in my little
> netblock

I've tweaked my perimeter to return host-unreachables to all packets
originating from their network (rate limited of course). If that stops
them from accepting me mail, oh well I'll survive.

Thanks for the confirmation,

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