Co-location facilities in LA

SG sg at
Sat Dec 20 21:11:01 UTC 2003


> What are people's views on the various co-location options in LA? Unlike
> most REN's we provide a commodity Internet service as well as an R&E
> service and are currently looking to build a couple of purely commodity
> Internet POPs on the west coast (so they don't need connectivity to
> Abilene but they do need connectivity to commercial transit providers
> and have peering opportunities). We (think we) have Palo Alto under
> control so our attention is now turning towards LA.

    You need to check out the One Wilshire building. They have both cabinets
and cage space cheaper and easier than other notable places in L.A. they
also have EVERY carrier you would want. As for peering the Paix LA switch is
in the MMR :\ Ryan Callaghan is probably who you want
to talk to. If you need more peering opportunities there is Equinix and the
exchange switch about a block away.

> Thanks,
> Mark.

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