Anyone from AS 577 (BellNexxia) around ?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Sat Dec 20 04:15:44 UTC 2003

Having dealt with them for some time, the public interfaces to the Bell 
object have not really changed one way or another.  This is from my 
perspective as a consumer of Bell wholesale services... The same main help 
desks are there-- AOC, INOC, DSSC.  Despite the host name being bell nexxia 
it is/was for AS577 which is Bell Canada proper.


At 10:42 PM 19/12/2003, Gordon Cook wrote:

>the mirror may be gone  because, according to Francois menard, bell nexxia 
>was disbanded by bell canada in april or may 2003 and absorbed back into 
>bell canada's operations
>>I asked through regular channels, but no one knew the answer.  You used 
>>to have a looking glass at 
>>but its been offline for a while.  Did it move ? Is it gone for good ?
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