[OT] Level3, 111 8th

Charles Sprickman spork at inch.com
Fri Dec 19 23:15:02 UTC 2003


Given that our L3 rep is useless for this information, perhaps another
customer of L3 @ 1118th (3rd floor) can help me out.

We are ordering our first cross-connect to the meet-me room since I've
arrived, and I'm wondering how to specify the location to the vendors.
We're dropping a POTS line and a few T1s.  Most of the forms I've seen
want a suite number, etc.  If anyone can supply that info, I'd be most
grateful.  Bonus points for any extra tips about making things go smoothly
in this datacenter.  I've heard nasty stories about telcos leaving the
demarc in the basement or somewhere else outside the meet-me room...



Charles Sprickman
spork at inch.com

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