Low end router alternative?

Ejay Hire ejay.hire at isdn.net
Fri Dec 19 22:08:53 UTC 2003

Lucent Pipeline 130, Superpipe 95, or Superpipe 155.

Cheap, Reasonably reliable, no external CSU-DSU required.
Personally, I won't run Nat on them.  It's been my
experience that 9 out of 10 will work fine with Nat, but 1
will have odd problems and require reboots.


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> Subject: Low end router alternative?
> I'm experimenting at home with hardware. I'm playing with
low end T1
> equipment at the moment. What is a low-cost router
> to hook to a
> CSU/DSU? (where I don't have to pay a ridiculous $800+ IOS
> fee preferably.)
> With Cisco 2500's going on Ebay for $10-$30, I'd like to
> something in
> the <$50 price range that will do basic routing and has an

> RJ45 connector
> plus some serial way for me to hook the CSU/DSU in to it.
> Bonus abilities would be built in DHCP, NAT, 1-1 NAT
mapping, port
> mapping, and basic firewalling.
> Maybe I'm looking at this too hard. Is there a cheap
Smart-Jack to
> Ethernet conversion system out there I'm missing for small
> I know the hardware has been around for a while and the
software I'm
> looking for is not complicated. Maybe someone knows of a
different OS
> that'll go on the cheap cisco routers like:
> http://www.mcvax.org/~koen/uClinux-cisco2500/images/
> ...only with a heartbeat. (That's not going to stop me
> downloading it
> and trying it though.)
> Thanks for any suggestions on or off list.
> Gerald

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