Bandwidth Control Question

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Media converters are much cheaper than specialized FX cards like these.  A
10Mbps converters are just $99 each and 100Mbps is $150.

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> Yep. There's plenty of fiber between the two buildings, so we may go that
> route. Anyone know if there's any easy way to limit bandwidth on the
> PA-POS-OC3 adapters?

PA-POS-OC3MM    $6000/card    $38.71/Mbit
PA-FE-FX    $3200/card    $32.00/Mbit
PA-2FE-FX    $5000/card    $25.00/Mbit

Why muck with SONET unless necessary?

> Sounds like another job for rate limiting to me...


policy-map 6Mb-customer
 class class-default
  police 6144
interface foo
 service-policy input 6Mb-customer
 service-policy output 6Mb-customer


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