Bandwidth Control Question

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Fri Dec 19 17:05:10 UTC 2003

	Incase you didn't notice, the original poster works
for a Telephone Company.

	Such things as short distance x-connects, DS3, and other
services will make the most sense as they likely have the necessary
hardware and equipment to test and repair these types of cabling
whereas, wireless and other cable based solutions they will not
necessarily have the ability to repair at a low cost.

	This is not to say that I don't think that telephone
companies shouldn't be looking at more fiber based CPE solutions,
I suspect that this isn't something that Tom can influence.

	- Jared

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> Or wireless. 
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> 	Why waste a T3 port.  Run ethernet if they are that close.
> Don't overlook the benefit of using the old thin-net for 200m.
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> 		Hello, 
> 		A customer of ours in the next building would like 6M of
> Internet bandwidth from us, so we would wire a DS3 between the two
> buildings for connectivity.
> 		The question is: how to we control the amount of
> bandwidth that we give them? Could we use rate limiting to contain the
> bandwdith to 6M, our would we need to get external IDSU's to do that?
> 		Note: we have a Cisco 7206VXR router on our end. The
> customer has a Cisco 7513. 
> 		Thanks, 
> 		= TC 
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> 		Tom Claydon, IT/ATM Network Engineer 
> 		Dobson Telephone Company 
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