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Bandwidth Control QuestionWhy not simply use configuration option Cisco gives you to set your DS3 to 6 meg
dsu bandwidth X

Dan, your suggestion will unncessarily tax his equipment.

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  My suggestion is to enable the full DS3 and have each router traffic-shape to 6M on the neighboring interfaces.  Rate-limit on the input of your router to disallow the customer from sending you more than the limit.  Remember that for the most part rate-limiting polices, where traffic shaping performs more buffering and shaping.  That's why you should use the combo of a shape on the sender side and a police on your side to protect.



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  A customer of ours in the next building would like 6M of Internet bandwidth from us, so we would wire a DS3 between the two buildings for connectivity.

  The question is: how to we control the amount of bandwidth that we give them? Could we use rate limiting to contain the bandwdith to 6M, our would we need to get external IDSU's to do that?

  Note: we have a Cisco 7206VXR router on our end. The customer has a Cisco 7513. 

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