OpenBSD + new bgpd (Fw: src)

Peter Galbavy peter.galbavy at
Thu Dec 18 08:54:59 UTC 2003

For those interested in this sort of thing:

(I glanced at the early code a while back, and like anything Henning has
written, seemed clean and neat).

Henning Brauer wrote:
> CVSROOT: /cvs
> Module name: src
> Changes by: henning at 2003/12/17 04:46:54
> Added files:
> usr.sbin/bgpd  : Makefile bgpd.c bgpd.h buffer.c config.c
>                  ensure.h imsg.c log.c mrt.c mrt.h parse.y rde.c
>                  rde.h rde_decide.c rde_prefix.c rde_rib.c
>                  session.c session.h
> Log message:
> welcome, bgpd
> started by me some time ago with moral support from theo, the
> proceeded up to the point where the session engine worked correctly.
> claudio jeker joined then and did a lot of work in the RDE.
> it is not particulary usefull as application right now as parts are
> still missing but is imported to enable more people to work on it.
> status:
> BGP sessions get established fine, OPEN messages and then KEEPALIVEs
> exchanged etc. session FSM works fine; NOTIFICATIONs are handled
> fine, and all connection drops etc I provoked get handled fine.
> Incoming UPDATE messgages are parsed well and the data entered to the
> RIB, the decision process is not yet there, neither is outgoing
> UPDATEs or sync to the kernel routing table.
> not connected to the builds yet.

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