In need of help from Comcast

Stewart, William C (Bill), RTSLS billstewart at
Fri Dec 12 19:16:12 UTC 2003

Kenneth Budd expressed his frustration about not being able
to reach Comcast's blacklist management people by email
because his site was blacklisted.
It's not the first time that somebody's had that problem with some ISP.

For ISPs, it's important to make sure that [email protected] and similar
NOC addresses don't block incoming mail.  (Similarly,
spam filters can make it difficult to submit spam complaints...)

But for people who are stuck when trying to reach addresses like that,
remember that free or cheap email providers are widely available,
so go get a Yahoo address if you're in an hurry,
or spend the $20/month for an email address with some other provider
so you've got an alternative.   Sure, it looks funny to have
"Big-ISP-1-admin at", and more dubious to have
"Big-ISP-1-admin at", but go ahead...

		Bill Stewart

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