DS3 questions.

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MessageI'd have to go look this up and try to find the specific product,
but I remember someone was offering a device on both ends which would
allow you to take a DS3 carve off PRIs, data, etc without needing to
channelize it.  When the non-data channels weren't in use, they would be
available for data traffic.

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With a box like the Adtran Atlas you'd be able to give them the PRI's
and hand the rest off as a DS-3 or HSSI.

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            We have a scenario where we have a DS3 at a Customer
location that they want to use for both Data/PRI(voice) They need 8
Voice PRIs and they want to use the remainder of the DS3 for data. If we
channelize this DS3, my question is, is it possible to use the unused
portion of the DS3 as a fractional DS3, or would we have to terminate
the rest as single T1s?


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