DS3 questions.

Drew Linsalata drew at gothambus.com
Thu Dec 11 16:45:33 UTC 2003

Drew Weaver wrote:
>             We have a scenario where we have a DS3 at a Customer 
> location that they want to use for both Data/PRI(voice) They need 8 
> Voice PRIs and they want to use the remainder of the DS3 for data. If we 
> channelize this DS3, my question is, is it possible to use the unused 
> portion of the DS3 as a fractional DS3, or would we have to terminate 
> the rest as single T1s?

We just went through this here.  The Adtran T3SU-300 with two DSX-1 
cards will do exactly what you want to do.  Each DSX card peels off 4 
DS-1s, leaving you with approximately 33 Mbps of bandwidth on the 
built-in HSSI port.

Only drawback is that you need HSSI cards in the routers on both ends to 
  handle the IP part.

If you need any details or help with the setup, give me a shout.  Been 
there, done that.


Drew Linsalata
The Gotham Bus Company, Inc.
Colocation and Dedicated Access Solutions

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