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Wed Dec 10 22:00:21 UTC 2003

"On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Blaxthos wrote:"
> hello,
> i've been reading nanog-l/inet-access for many many years (just a shadow,
> i don't post).

Hello shadow of anonymous nanog & inet-access subscriber...

I do first have to wonder if you have read newspapers or seen tv shows 
like 60 minutes recently?

As for the authorities you can be sure that "questinable" blocks were
reported to ARIN and the data helped them a lot in their investigations.
And its interesting that in 99% of those reports have resulted  in either
block being deleted or marked invalid or change of contacts & address of
the block to point to correct entity. The least dangerous cases were dealt
with without involvement of authorities which I suspect was in best
interest of both authorities (saved their resources) and the actual
people involved. And the most dangerous activity went to real authorities
one case is in criminal court right now.

Besides that as I point to everybody, I post public data collected together
(eventhough sometimes I have whole bunch more private info, for example
I've seen actual bill of sale for several ip blocks) and make sure that 
everybody understand they should primarily make their own opinion based 
on this public data. Answering the last message I've seen on the thread 
so far, if you think something is not accurate, would you mind letting me 
know privately or posting about it. If you like I can open public message 
board allowing to comment on each case (although I think this will result
in slander by yet more people posting anonymously) or you can post to 
approriate mail list (i.e. hijacked). I'm not saying there are no inaccuraces,
but its probably in the single percentage points considering that public 
data is what is being used whenever possible for public website.

P.S.  Note to other - this thread may have happened  because of recent 
thread on layer42 on inet-access mail list. While I generally answer 
accusations, I'm not the one who starts such threads and do not think its 
approriate for nanog mail list, so this will be my only message here.

> i am just curious... do you have any authority/commission from arin (or
> anyone else)?  or is yours a rogue vigilante mission?  does anyone ask you
> to undertake the battles you feel justified in engaging in?
> this is certainly not flame bait, but it is an honest question.   you're
> very self-righteous, and although you may have valid points (i withold
> judgement) i really want to know what gives you the right/authority to say
> the things you say about others.
> /blaxthos

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