jon bennett jcrb at
Wed Dec 10 23:00:13 UTC 2003

>If people are speeding in my neighborhood, I can not go and take down
>their pictures, personal information, license plate numbers, etc., post
>them publically, and accuse them of breaking the law (even if they did!).

Yes you can.

>That's liabel,

It is not libel, that they were speeding is a true statement.
Truth is an absolute defense against a charge of libel.

>and it is illegal (and wrong).

And what law does it violate?

as previous respondent said

"In the north-american country I happen to live in, you do not need
'authority' to express your opinions."

I suspect I live in the same country, and here you need even less (i.e. 
zero) 'authority' to express that which is true.

good day


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