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Wed Dec 10 19:19:13 UTC 2003 now where have I seen that... AAH YES!  So then a
group dedicated solely to efforts at documenting trolling on IRC should be
given credibility as to what is/isn't said on NANOG?  Yes there are
members of ICANN, ARIN, and most "tier-1" peers on here.  You might even
see stick it's neck out and get it chopped off from time to time.
And now back to things that are less fattening on my killfile.
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>> hello,
>> i've been reading nanog-l/inet-access for many many years (just a
>> shadow,
>> i don't post).
>> i am just curious... do you have any authority/commission from arin (or
>> anyone else)?  or is yours a rogue vigilante mission?  does anyone ask
>> you
>> to undertake the battles you feel justified in engaging in?
>> this is certainly not flame bait, but it is an honest question.   you're
>> very self-righteous, and although you may have valid points (i withold
>> judgement) i really want to know what gives you the right/authority to
>> say
>> the things you say about others.
>> /blaxthos
> In the north-american country I happen to live in, you do not need
> 'authority' to express your opinions. If your country is different, I
> offer
> my condolences.
> Paul

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