Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr. larrysheldon at
Wed Dec 10 19:06:52 UTC 2003

Blaxthos wrote:
> hello,
> i've been reading nanog-l/inet-access for many many years (just a shadow,
> i don't post).
> i am just curious... do you have any authority/commission from arin (or
> anyone else)?  or is yours a rogue vigilante mission?  does anyone ask you
> to undertake the battles you feel justified in engaging in?
> this is certainly not flame bait, but it is an honest question.   you're
> very self-righteous, and although you may have valid points (i withold
> judgement) i really want to know what gives you the right/authority to say
> the things you say about others.

Lord, save us from flamebait.

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