pon's and ethernet to the home

Scott Call scall at devolution.com
Tue Dec 9 18:29:55 UTC 2003

On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, Miguel Mata-Cardona wrote:

> As far as I have understood, the idea is to use the fiber as it was
> coax, doing some kind of FDM (frequency division multiplexing) with
> the lambdas (somehow the same). This would give us the capability
> to move at leat n x 10mbps ethernet on the same fiber using diferent
> lambdas for each customer, until power budget goes down.

The units that I worked with in the past (from an outfit called Quantum
Bridge www.quantumbridge.com) worked pretty well, but the deployment model
didn't meet my emplolyer's biz model (since it required outside plant).

Basically the way it worked was it ran ATM OC-3 (mabe OC-12)  down the
fiber, using passive optical splitters, to the CPE.  The CPE used a TDM
style muxing for the return on a different lambda on the same fibre.   The
CPE itself was interesting too.  It provided a 100bt ethernet port (showed
up as and ATM pvc at the headend, with the actually allocated bandwidth
controllable from 1.5 to 100 megs, as well as 4 DS1 ports.   The DS1s were
Circuit Emulated over the ATM fabric.

Concerptually it was very interesting, and I imagine other POS solutions
are similar, as simply using a lambda per customer would not be an
efficient utilization of the available bandwidth.


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