Evolution of the U.S. Peering Ecosystem v1.1

Sean M.Doran smd at cesium.clock.org
Tue Dec 9 13:38:46 UTC 2003

On 06 Dec, 2003, at 00:25, William B. Norton wrote:

> The ones who are a bit different are the "Restrictive Peering 
> Inclination" folks; those who have a peering policy articulated solely 
> so they can say "No" with a reason.

The "no" is for the automatic 100% (or other prime rate) discount.

I am reasonably sure that every single one of them would happily say 
"Yes" with a price.

Try asking.   You may find that peering at anywhere is essentially a sales 
channel serving a particular wholesale market segment.   Of course, 
they might not be any more interested in explaining this to you than 
the local AMEX Black contact is likely to tell me exactly how an 
arbitrary acquaintance of mine could qualify for their offering.

People who sell you money vary in their approaches, and some 
particularly sophisticated deals are not widely available, because of 
risk to the seller.  When you are trying to buy improved business 
efficiency that is attached to bits rather than to a car, a building, 
or cash, is it OK to rely upon analyses that miss this?


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