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Mon Dec 8 15:24:03 UTC 2003

On Mon, 08 Dec 2003 10:16:49 GMT, Michael.Dillon at said:

> Email peering *IS* a smarter hammer. If all the cluefull email
> administrators would set up peering agreements with each other
> and exchange contact information, there would be fewer of these
> situations.

There's a lot more people doing SMTP than doing BGP.  Also, AS1312 (us) and our
related routing swamp does BGP peering with less than a dozen peers, but we end
up talking SMTP to a good chunk of the world.  I've got one machine that all by
itself talked to 2,615 hosts in 1,612 second-level domains yesterday.

Unless you're advocating a return to the X.400-style ADMD/PRMD stuff,
this really is a non-starter.  I don't have time to set up 1,600+ peering agreements,
and possibly have to set up more just because somebody subscribes to a mailing list
(either somebody elsewhere subscribes to ours, or one of my users subscribes elsewhere).

And history has passed its own verdict on ADMD/PRMD.
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