Need Contact at RoadRunner

Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at
Fri Dec 5 23:48:36 UTC 2003

william at  writes on 12/5/2003 7:24 PM:

> did not even record whey thy blocked him. Not only should they have recorded
> it but perhaps had a location where Tom could find that:
>  1. He's being blocked
>  2. Why he is being blocked with particular example of abuse that caused it
>  3. How long will block last or what steps he should take if he corrected
>     the problem to notify and get the block removed

Roadrunner bounce messages are quite verbose and explanatory.  And has a lot more.

[micah mcneily]

> I have also had some blocking taking place.  Mail was sent to spamblock @
> two days ago without any response although we did have ticket
> generation.

They say to email removal at at

I do guess they should automate a lot of their unblocking process as 
well - especially unblocking the open relay / open proxy type blocks, 
that can be trivially automated (click here to schedule a retest of your 
IP, etc).  That might cut down on a whole lot of their load.


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