Peering BOF VII at NANOG 30 in Miami

William B. Norton wbn at
Fri Dec 5 22:35:15 UTC 2003

Hi again -

We have approval to run the Peering BOF again at the upcoming NANOG 30 in 
Miami !  Appropriate attire (Hawaiian Shirts) is required ;-)

So, now my job is to draft Peering Coordinators to stand up, introduce 
themselves, say a few words about their peering requirements, why you 
should peer with them, etc. in order to facilitate peering. While you 
introduce yourself I will have a screen behind you that has the answers to 
the questions below. At the end of the BOF we break for beers and, if 
history is any indication, peering coordinators meet each other, exchange 
cards and get some direct peering going.

BTW - This time we may add an agenda topic, perhaps a brief debate
       "Tier 1 Peering Policies: Defensible?".
Taking the Affirmative will be _______, taking the Negative will be ______. 
(Both TBD, debaters being secretly solicited)


--------------- For Peering Coordinators participating in Peering Personals 

The Peering BOF focuses on meeting other Peering Coordinators using a 
methodology we call "Peering Personals." We solicit Peering Coordinators 
(before the meeting), asking them to characterize their networks and 
peering policies in general ways ("content heavy" or "access (eyeball) 
-heavy," "Multiple Points Required" or "Will Peer anywhere," "Peering with 
Content OK," etc.). From the answers we will select a set of ISP Peering 
Coordinators to present a 2-3 minute description of their network, what 
they look for in a peer, etc., allowing the audience to put a face with the 
name of the ISP.

At the end of the Peering BOF, Peering Coordinators will have time to speak 
with Peering Coordinators of ISPs they seek to interconnect with. The 
expectation is that these interactions will lead to the Peering 
Negotiations stage, the first step towards a more fully meshed and 
therefore resilient Internet.

If you are a Peering Coordinator and wish to participate in this BOF, 
please fill out the following form and e-mail it to

wbn at               with
Subject: Peering BOF VII

We will only be able to accommodate maybe 20 peering coordinators this time 
so please RSVP early!
--------------------------------------------- clip here 

Check each that applies:
___ We are an ISP (sell access to the Internet)
    -- OR --
___ We are a Non-ISP (content company, etc.)

___ We are generally more Content-Heavy
    -- OR --
___ We are generally more Access-Heavy

___ Peering with Content Players or Content Heavy ISPs is OK by us
___ We generally require peering in multiple locations
___ We will peer with anyone in any single location
___ We have huge volumes of traffic (lots of users and/or lots of content)
         (huge: > 1 Gbps total outbound traffic to peers and transit providers)
___ We have a global network
___ We require Contracts for Peering

List all Current Peering Locations:

List all Planned (3-6 mos) Peering Locations:

Privacy Notice: This information is made available only to me, William B. 
Norton, as an individual, and will be used only for facilitating the BOF 
and making up the screen behind the speakers. People in the audience are 
certainly welcome to jot down information presented at the BOF, but the 
information will not be made available in any other form to anyone. 
Hopefully this clarifies things and will avoid the controversy of the past.

To give you an idea of previous Peering BOFs please see
Peering BOF VI, NANOG 27, Phoenix, February 2003.

Peering BOF V.  NANOG 25, Toronto, June 2002.

Peering BOF IV.  NANOG 23, Oakland, October 2001.

Peering BOF III.  NANOG 20, Washington, DC, October 2000.

Peering BOF II. . NANOG 19, Albuquerque, June 2000

Peering BOF I.  NANOG 17, Montreal, Oct 1999

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