Need Contact at RoadRunner

Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr. larrysheldon at
Fri Dec 5 21:35:06 UTC 2003

"Tom (UnitedLayer)" wrote:
> So, I got an e-mail back from RR after I posted here.
> They claim to have no specific record of why we were blocked, so they
> removed it. They said it was probably DOS or a Mailbomb, both of which we
> would have squelched IMMEDIATELY.
> Frankly, I think that its pretty poor practice to block someone and not
> tell them, especially when contact information is clearly available
> everywhere. We've got e-mail, various phones, and INOC-DBA, so its not
> that hard to get ahold of us :)

I have no idea wahta the facts are here, but as a general statement
I'd point out that some of us have recently been in a free-fire zone
with more than we can handle coming at us from everywhere.

A reasonable reaction to protect own-turf is to plug up holes as
you identify the local end of it and wait to see if anybody cares
about it after the fire-fight.

The likelyhood of being able to contact anybody competent and
sympathetic is not worth the time and effort the attempt takes.

The usual response back when I thought I should try was "you are not
our customer...." with the common alternative being "Please reboot
and see if that clears it up."


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