Always renew your domain names

Joe Abley jabley at
Fri Dec 5 17:53:58 UTC 2003

On 5 Dec 2003, at 12:20, Luca Filipozzi wrote:

> On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 11:07:24AM -0600, Mike Hyde wrote:
>> Looks like someone forgot to renew there domain name and another party
>> decided to do it for them, with some slight changes:
>> host
>> domain name pointer
> This isn't a lapsed domain registration issue; we're not talking about 
> A
> records.  It doesn't strike you as odd (read 'a security issue') that 
> the
> PTR records have been changed?

Bell's ARIN records show delegated to 
nameservers named under, which is a zone that Bell do 
not currently run.

If you believe the dates returned by, 
"" was only recently registered, while "" 
was registered in 1999.

Maybe someone at Bell typo'd nameserver names when they filled out the 
paperwork for 206.108/20, and someone else got fed up with waiting for 
them to fix it (and hence the reverse DNS for these blocks).


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