AOL rejecting mail from IP's w/o reverse DNS ?

Sean Donelan sean at
Fri Dec 5 03:02:11 UTC 2003

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Tony Hain wrote:
> > Can you explain to the less hyperbolic among us, why I should be
> > obligated to exchange packets with a provider who hosts abusive
> > customers.
> Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.
> That said, IMHO you are free to do what you want as an individual, but
> collusion by a group to block a provider (even one with abusive customers)
> smells a lot like restraint of trade.

Is this because the IP address you are using is listed in SORBS?

   Received: from (
    []) found in Dynamic IP Space (Cable, DSL & Dial Ups)

Address or Block / 16

Information [Dynablock] Dynamic IP address, use your ISPs mail server

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Last Updated Mon Nov 24 12:44:38 2003 GMT

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