IP Address Management Software Again

Brennan_Murphy at NAI.com Brennan_Murphy at NAI.com
Thu Dec 4 21:24:21 UTC 2003


I'm evaluating IP address management software. Looking for the

1) Pointers to online reviews.
2) Views on what is the absolute best package out there.
3) Views on useful free software if it's worth considering. 
4) Contact info of sales persons of commerical software. 
5) Insights on processes followed to manage addressing.
6) Also specifically looking for software that aids in re-IP-ing
    of a network.
7) Strong views on particular packages that drove you nuts. (offline
emails may be best)

If I get enough info together, I'll post a follow-up compilation email.

I've looked at past threads on NANOG concerning this topic and
see only bits/pieces of what I am looking for. Hoping to obtain a
more comprehensive set of data. 


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