Firewall stateful handling of ICMP packets

Adi Linden adil at
Thu Dec 4 16:22:40 UTC 2003

> If ISPs charged customers $0.000001/email message, would it cure spam or
> would the spammers just continue to use third-party victims to spam and
> there would be lots of news stories about grandmothers and orphans getting
> huge ISP bills?  IANAL, but many spammers are already breaking a law by
> using victim machines without authorization; but would law enforcement be
> more likely to do something if the victims now had a $50,000 bill from
> their ISP due to the unauthorized traffic?

There will always be crooks and victims. But if becoming a victim actually 
has real world consequences it is much more likely that people will try 
not to become a victim.

I am not talking about sending bills for some outrageous amount due to 
excess bandwidth used. Instead cut off when a certain bandwidth threshold 
has been exceeded. If the bandwidth was used purposely and legitametly, 
buy more bandwidth, otherwise fix your PC.


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