Does any know where the link is for

Richard Irving rirving at
Thu Dec 4 00:53:15 UTC 2003

John Starta wrote:
> If you locate this, please forward the link along.

   I haven't found the original, it was dated about
97-99... NLANR, perhaps  ????

  But, there are more recent write ups...

Here are two I encountered:


  This one explains why PING -may- be bad, but regular
performance, OK...

(Call it the end user explanation of ACL-CAR intervention)


And this one,( more what I was looking for..)
a detailed explanation of the caveats of clever
tracerouting providing Bogus Data.


  I needed something for a rookie tech who was "whining"
about a site tracerouting with an intervening router
- appearing - slow (An exchange BGP router, go figure),
but an end to end of -38 ms-, -consistent- and with -no- loss.

   He didn't believe the explanation of the BGP rumble...
and I was growing frustrated with the need for detail,
when it just wasn't registering !


  "When the Judge is a blind man, it can be -exasperating-
trying defend your choice of the Winner of the Art fair."


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