new nasty email virus trick to bypass scanners

J. Oquendoy sil at
Wed Dec 3 22:52:50 UTC 2003

> However, the user can be easily socially engineered to open the file and
> blam.  The text of the message is nice and enticing making it look like
> private email with dirty pictures accidentally sent to the user...


Someone should create some form of standard 'README' document for the
layperson using the internet in regards to viruses, maybe template it and
send it to ISP's, so when new users sign up, they'll have a `slight' clue
as to why they're now getting those "RPC WARNING YOUR COMPUTER WILL SHUT
DOWN IN 60 SECOND" messages.

Then again many people wouldn't read it, unless of course an ISP stated
something silly to the extent that 'You will be held responsible* * *", of
which would be a horrible policy. It would be a nice thing for both the
user, and the network engineers/admins to have something in place to
minizmize the reach of viruses and trojans.

Hell it would have been nice for MS to invest in creating safer products
as opposed to paying `bounty hunters'.


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