AOL rejecting mail from IP's w/o reverse DNS ?

Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at
Wed Dec 3 16:28:19 UTC 2003

Joe Abley  writes on 12/3/2003 11:11 AM:

> RFC2317.

that'd still involve the ISP inserting stuff in their nameservers.

when "isp admins" are substituted by "drones working out of templates / 
web forms" ...

ps - there's of course the rather umm... interesting content below ;)

> Maybe more people should do what AOL says they may do, then.

I'm all in favor of it - but I'm still reluctant to dump legit mail 
that'll get dumped if I do this.  I'll have to be pushed a lot farther 
before I start doing this (and with spam levels increasing the way they 
are ...).

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