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> FWIW, it's not a virus, it's something infrastructure related.  All of the
> systems that I've seen this on have all the latest DAT's and the proxy
> servers it sits behind are virus scanning as well (for both email and web)
> and use alternate vendors

This is an Active-X exploit.  It makes changes to your registry and DNS
which is why you can't get to google.  There are some other sites it munges

If you can get to google on a working machine, search for the site that the
infected machines are redirecting to and you'll find out how to fix your
systems.  Here's one of the URLs it returns:


> On Mon, 1 Dec 2003, Dave Temkin wrote:
> > Has anyone seen a situation on their internal networks where going to a
> > (non-Google) page "Hijacks" them and they end up with either the Google
> > front page or a broken link page?
> >
> > This happens on machines both with the toolbar and without, and we've
> > seen it on machines on different networks/running different OS's.
> >
> > Just curious.
> > Thanks,
> > -Dave
> >

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