incorrect spam setups cause spool messes on forwarders

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Dec 1 20:20:17 UTC 2003

>>>> this is the ability of a single host operator to make
>>>> their own local policy decisions.
>>> which leads to the heat death of the net
>> or allows the net to prosper, since policy is distributed rather than 
>> centralised.
> consider verifying, or making any assertions about, or having any
> confidence in, the correctness of a universe of distributed and
> opaque policy.

to further amplify and make clear whose ideas i am stealing, let
me quote tim griffin:

    The Interdomain routing system will enter a state of non-
    convergence that is so disruptive as to effectively bring down
    large portions of the Internet.  The problem will be due to
    unforeseen global interactions of locally defined routing
    policies.  Furthermore, no one ISP will have enough knowledge
    to identify and debug the problem.  It will take nearly a week
    to fix and cost the world economy billions of dollars.  The
    world press will learn that the internet engineering community
    had known about this lurking problem all along....

    [ tim goes on to suggest how we might keep from getting in
      such a mess ]

i suggest that we take this seriously.


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