incorrect spam setups cause spool messes on forwarders

Daniel Roesen dr at
Mon Dec 1 20:18:21 UTC 2003

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 12:52:28PM -0700, Michael Lewinski wrote:
> The idea is to "punish" spammers by filling up their queues, although 
> honestly I don't know of any spammers who actually *have* queues. They 
> just borrow other people's of course.

Correct. More and more, anti-spammers are annoying me more than
the spammers. Anti-spammers tend to "make my problem YOUR problem"
thinking. Be it mangled sender addresses (this "NOSPAM" nonsense),
be it 450 to suspected spam.

Antispanners seem to be very easy in accepting collateral damage
to the net.


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