incorrect spam setups cause spool messes on forwarders

Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at
Mon Dec 1 18:58:31 UTC 2003

Randy Bush  writes on 12/1/2003 1:50 PM:

> interesting but utterly irrelevant.  the question was not how
> verison decided it was spam.  the point was that their server
> returned a 450 as opposed to a 5xx (550 looks good), and this
> causes net damage.

They haven't yet determined that it is spam.  So, RFC nitpicking wise, 
they are right.

On the other hand, from a mail operations standpoint, I personally feel 
that sender verification, graylisting and other methods that rely on 
4xx'ing email are a bad idea, as they makes things inconvenient for a 
whole lot of ISPs ... and because these emails have to be either 5xx'd 
or trashed sometime sooner or later.

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