[Re: Have worm? University upgrades network]

joshua sahala joshua.ej.smith at usa.net
Mon Dec 1 13:21:22 UTC 2003

Sean Donelan <sean at donelan.com> wrote:
> Do people find "self-certification" by end-users actually fixes 
> anything?

depends on how badly they want to get back on that interweb-thing...and
how clueful they are (or can be made to be).  if the penalties for not
being clean are steep enough (no interweb privileges for a semester),
then i think they will do it right.

> Or do users keep on clicking on the "Yes, I'm Clean" button?
> In the meantime, you still have to carry the traffic from the infected
> computer if only on your quarantine "network." Usually the quarantine 
> LAN is some type of virtual network, so the underlying bandwidth is
> still consumed by the traffic. Its amazing what happens to a 
> registration server when an infected computer tries to register tens of
> thousands of times a minute.  Redirecting the user traffic to a 
> quarantine server, results in that server getting whalloped.

i would hope that you are filtering and rate-limiting upstream traffic,
and that you have built the server with sufficient horsepower and
self-preservation hooks that it would survive.  ftp or http don't require
too much upstream, and you probably don't need to allow much else from 
the users computers


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