Missing registrations (when is a bogon not a bogon)

Hank Nussbacher hank at att.net.il
Wed Apr 30 07:20:23 UTC 2003

At 11:38 PM 29-04-03 -0400, Sean Donelan wrote:

>Based on the e-mail I got, I think several people missed Hank Nussbacher
>and Barry Greene's presentation at the last NANOG.

We got a new volunteer, Terry Baranski to help out with the load.

>In the presentation they list several ASN and Network blocks in use, but
>not registered in any database.

We just got Lucent to correct their announcements.  They had been announcing:
Network            Origin AS  Description         10455     Lucent Technologies
and with the help of Internap they have now fixed their announcement to 
comply  with what appears in ARIN.

>The US Department of Defense (AS 568) wins the prize for the most
>unregistered network blocks being announced.  But they weren't alone.

If anyone can help out here - it would be appreciated.  We have been 
sending emails to anyone and everyone in AS568 since January - all of them 
generating not a single reply.

So if the US Military can hijack a few IPs, we will have a hard time 
convincing spammers and their shills to stop hijacking other available 
address space:

Network            Origin AS  Description           568     DISO-UNRRA           568     DISO-UNRRA           568     DISO-UNRRA       568     DISO-UNRRA         568     DISO-UNRRA

>If you are going to start blackholing unregistered network blocks, I
>suggest checking if the current user has nuclear weapons.  But once again,
>which ISP's aren't filtering?

Obviously, there are some since we do see these announcements pop up here 
and there.


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