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> >If you are relying on AT&T's paging/SMS service (for your phones) to be
> >alerted to (most certainly undesirable) operational events (or if you are
> >replying to them via the 2-way SMS service), this is a good time for a
> >backup pager: [...]
> >Both are dead like a door stop, and we can speculate on wether they
> >are located in the same physical building, on the same routed interface,
> >and the same physical switch, which failed the single processor
> >blade driving both of them.
> POI: AT&T wireless service response to wireless phone trouble
> report about 30 min ago was that AT&T wireless and AT&T long
> distance stopped communicating a little while ago for reasons
> not clearly known to AT&T wireless.
> Facility somewhere go boom?  Cable cut?
> -george william herbert
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